Meet Our Ultra Boosters

We developed a complementary line of essentials you’ll love! Using our proprietary Mimetix™ Formula, UltraIce, UltraEdge, UltraBurn and UltraDream are hemp free and can be taken individually or as a booster to UltraCell!


Full Homeostasis Support

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • Three-peak curcuminoids
  • Hemp-free alternative

Ultra Ice is a homeostasis support comparable to UltraCell™. With a mix of curcumin and other well-known anti-inflammatory ingredients and our proprietary Mimetix™ formula, UltraIce supports effective and balanced body systems. Using UltraCell™ technology, UltraIce is water-soluble to maximize bioavailability.



Full Spectrum Cognitive Support

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • Proprietary nootropics
  • Cognition, energy, and more
  • Replace coffee, sodas, and energy drinks

Ultra Edge is full spectrum cognition support using a proprietary blend of mental enhancers like citicholine and huprazine along with our exclusive Mimetix™ formula. Using UltraCell™, Edge is water-soluble for maximum bioavailability, mental energy, alertness, & cognitive performance.



Full Spectrum Sleep Support

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • ECS-based sleep support
  • Deep, rejuvenating, restful sleep

Ultra Dream is a blend of natural sleep aids like GABA and melatonin and our proprietary Mimetix™ formula of ingredients. Using UltraCell™ technology, UltraDream is water-soluble for maximum bioavilability and helps support gentle and restful sleep.



Full Spectrum Weight Loss Support

  • Infused with Mimetix
  • Safe and healthy boost
  • Supports sustainable weight loss

UltraBurn is a water-soluble, weight-loss support product designed to help you reach your weight loss goals in a safe, healthy way. With the sweet, spicy taste of cinnamon our unique formula combines powerful ingredients like phenylethylamine, Green coffee extract and Garcinia with our proprietary Mimetix blend of naturally occurring extracts. UltraBurn is formulated to fire up your metabolism and help your body in the following ways: burn fat, efficiently convert sugar into energy, safely suppress appetite, stimulate positivity and activate your Ultra lifestyle. Each carefully calculated serving is packed with everything you need to spark a healthier, new you.