UltraCell CBD is Natural Organic

Hemp Grown in the USA

UltraCell CBD Is the Gold standard

Why UltraCell CBD? It is made from Natural Organic Hemp grown right here in the USA. We are the THE GOLD STANDARD that all others are compared to. Why? Because we care about what people are putting in their bodies and want to be the best product on the market.

UltraCell CBD


Other CBD Brands

Gold Standard of CBD - Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil that has 400 active compounds (more than just CBD) there are over 100 different cannabinoids in UltraCell.

Most others isolate CBD by itself, which is not effective and you miss out on all the other heath benefits.

USDA Certified Organic Hemp

Do you know where your hemp is coming from?

Have pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers been used? Most are not organic.

Patented UltraCell Delivery Technology - Bioavailability Study conducted at the Mayo Research Clinic concluding a 94% absorption rate/sustainability at 12 hours.

Other CBD oils have 3-6% bioavailability -you will need to take every 2 hours to keep in bloodstream.

Note: Beware of keywords like "nano" technology which at best produces 20% bioavailability that last less than 2 hours in bloodstream.

Best Price per Value! - $134.99 for large bottle
(retail price)

To receive the same value per dollar, you would need to spend $2200+ on closest competitor’s product to get the same absorption and benefits.

Pay It Forward Program strong>- Every Sale is matched providing multivitamin nutritional packets to malnourished children and prenatal vitamins through our exclusive partnership with Vitamin Angels.


Verified Dose strong>- Each of our bottles has a QR code that verifies all batch information including THC level. Ultracell has 0.00% THC.

Do you really know what you are taking?